The Chasseen Legends

David William Allman
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Before the Romans, the Greeks or the Celts:
There were the Chasseen... [more...]

The Chasseen Legends Series

About the Books
The adventures begin with a newly mated couple living a hunter-gatherer life in southern France. Because of a volcanic eruption, they were forced to find a "new home, by the river's edge". The couple have two sons and adopt a daughter. But the brothers split and clash as they struggle with their father's decision to change from hunter-gatherer to farmer. The books follow the clan through five generations of farmers.
Author David Wm. Allman translates the technical jargon in scientific journals to create a believable portrayal of life 6000 years ago in what would become southern France. The Chasseen Legends is filled with the suspense and drama of a family living in an ancient world.
This is the story of fictional lives in the real world of 4000BC. These were the first farmers. Allman goes beyond the archaeology to tell the story of lives lived at the dawn of cultures. Flesh has been restored to bones. Before the Romans, the Greeks or the Celts, there were the Chasseen. This is more than fierce gods, dry bones and broken pottery. Look BEYOND the research and feel the people come alive.
The Chasseen Legends is the culmination of years of studying a little known culture in southern France - the Chasseen. Archaeological digs of their sites show how they lived, their tools and burial customs. Allman's book is a creation of adventures based on this factual information.

About the Author
David William Allman started his book after reading a newspaper headline about the last volcanic eruption in France in 4040BC. His first thought was, how do they know the year? Months past and other questions rumbled through his mind. Could someone have witnessed that eruption? A little internet investigating confirmed it. The next question, who?, took five years of research. Irritated, then exasperated, his wife finally persuaded David to compose stories based on his research discoveries. Life 6000 years ago turned out to be quite interesting.
David graduated from Ga. Southern with a degree in the social sciences. He's always wanted to find the roots of things and how it evolved. David enjoys writing and during this six year long writing process, he retired. His wife and he moved from one side of Atlanta to the other, living in or around Atlanta most of their lives. They have six and one grandchildren.

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